Hop Garden

Mr. Fuggles










It begins with a root cutting…

Mr. Fuggles came to us back in April of 2012. When he (and the others) arrived, they were mere scraps to be honest. We purchased root cuttings. Next time, we will opt for crowns. We decided to try hops for a couple of reasons: 1. We make beer and 2. We like to garden. It was a natural fit.

Hops need good drainage, good amounts of sun, and a place they can expand onward and upwards. Check, check and check…we were in.

When Mr. Fuggles arrived, he was wrapped in plastic so we immediately potted him and his peers. Placed in a window and watered weekly, we waited. Patiently. In about a week, life. LIFE!

After about 4-5 weeks, Maine warmed up enough and the threat of frost had passed. It was time for Mr. Fuggles to move. Outside.


Mr. Fuggles in June 2012












So far, so good. Mr. Fuggles is almost Six Feet Tall now. Not bad for a mere scrap.


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